My Story & How Reiki Helped Me

Since a young age I have always been very intuitive and aware of other people’s energy around me. I lost my dad when I was 13 and I could always feel his energy around me throughout my life. I knew I could always call on him for guidance when needed.

I had heard of Reiki years ago and had started in my early thirties to receive Reiki Treatments.

The major shift in my life was the year I turned 40.  I was sitting at my daughter’s soccer game, I had been feeling off for quite a few years leading up to this moment but my Doctor did tests and believed all was good, I felt a crushing feeling in my chest, side and in my back. Fear hit me hard as I had lost my dad to a massive heart attack at the young age of 42 and I always felt that this was my destiny.  I went straight to the hospital. It was true, I was suffering from a heart attack. I spent a week in the Cardiac Care Unit and told by the Doctors that my heart attack was not the hereditary and very common in women my age and caused by STRESS. I was sent home to resume life as it was but nothing felt the same for me. I fell down a rabbit hole, worried about health and death and my family. I had NEVER before experienced these feelings I cried often and I was full of anxiety, depression and fear. I decided that I was the only one who could pull me out of it. I started seeing a Therapist, an amazing Naturopathic Doctor and I started regular Reiki Treatments again.  It took around 18 months but I finally starting seeing an end to the way I was feeling.

I felt so much better and more grounded after receiving  Reiki Treatments and believe that they were a major component on my road to recovery and wellness.

Life isn’t always easy, at that time I never imagined that I would feel “normal” again. It takes time, work and determination but feelings don’t last forever.

We all need to slow down, relax and take time to learn what our soul needs.

Unfortunately I learned that the hard way, but looking back I think I am one of the fortunate ones to have the chance to learn that at all.  Since my experience I have become more grounded, spiritual and much more intuitive.

We all need to experience the deep relaxation, clarity and healing that can be achieved with Reiki Treatments.

Much love,