Why It Is Important To Write A Goodbye Addiction Letter

I know this may sound abrupt, like this is coming out of nowhere, but it is imperative for me to sustain myself. This has nothing to do with if I am stronger than you, or better than you, or vice-versa. In order for me to walk my choice of path in life, I need to end this toxic relationship now. I know I won’t be able to have anything positive in my life while we are together. We know continual support is essential in saying goodbye to your addiction, which is why we offer extended support. We work with faith and science-based modalities, such as AA and SMART recovery, to help our patients find long-term sobriety.

No matter what stage of recovery you are in, we can help you maintain what you have accomplished and continue moving forward. Contact us to learn how we can help you keep on the right path for a successful and fulfilling life. Be forthright about what drugs have done to you in the past. I was in a 6 week in patient treatment facility when I wrote my letter. I wrote this letter a couple of weeks into my recovery. For many reasons,I began to rely on you more.You became a good friend,a friend that was there to console me,to feel good about life and myself. You never doubted me,but it came to the point where I as doubting myself. This listing gives you both private and commercial license to distribute physical or privately shared digital copies to clients in a therapy or counseling setting.

A Goodbye Letter to Addiction

Perhaps you might write a letter to yourself to remind yourself of this. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction help is available 24/7. My body and my brain both longed to return to your hold, but I had grown strong enough to pull away. After struggling through those first few weeks, I was determined to make a new life; one that did not include you, or any other substance, for that matter. One day at a time, I would keep you in my past where you belong. You took so much from me, but through defeating you, I gained so much more.
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We make it our top priority to provide you with the most satisfying experience possible in your journey to health. While writing a goodbye letter to alcohol and drugs may sound good in theory, you may not know where to begin. Instead of getting overwhelmed, these tips on writing a goodbye letter to addiction can Sober House help you get started. Just like after a breakup, sometimes you need closure. Writing a letter to addiction may be able to provide you this closure as you end your relationship with drugs. With this letter, you can let go of the past and your addiction. Instead, you can start to focus on your future in recovery.

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I was scared of what my life might look like without you. I watched you dig my grave from day one. As the days went by, I stood by and did nothing. Then, you decided goodbye letters to addiction to push me into that grave. You thought that you would be able to get rid of me. I will not let it because I am stronger than you and I am saying goodbye.
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You were what brought me to my lowest; you were what took away my control. I started off every day trying to find you because I desperately felt that you could fix all of my problems. I fail now to comprehend why it took me so long to understand that you were the problem. I also question myself on why it took me so long to leave you ultimately. Hannah Rose, LCPC, is a therapist, writer, public speaker, and lover of all things caffeinated. I am not going to stop stepping into the light. I am not going to stop spreading a message of hope. You don’t stop even when we are lying broken on the floor, crying and begging for mercy.